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Hello everyone!

The growing interest and enthusiasm about the Street Mini 4WD world I believe it's important to throw a few lines with some of my opinions and considerations on everything that lately revolves around mini 4wd races with the guide stick. The idea is to celebrate in my own way the thirty years of the manga which decreed the first success of mini 4WD and the birth of this passion for me and many other people: Dash!Yonkuro ("Automodelli - Mini 4WD" in Italy), but I will not stop at this. I will also dedicate some space to a masterpiece like Bakusō Kyōdai Rettsu Endo Gō !! ("Let's & Go sulle ali di un turbo" in Italy) and how this anime has influenced our Street Mini 4WD races.

More than thirty years have passed since the sempai Tokuda Zaurus published the first issue of what would have been a cult for fans. There are groups of elites among the asian people in which there is a real cult for what concerns Dash!Yonkuro: not only the mini 4WD related to this work but all the gadgets so far distributed are rare fetesh for them from which they would never separate! Me too have spent hundreds of euros to buy all the manga in reprinted version from Japan (thanks @muramasav2): I still don't understand anything of the japanese language but it's always a pleasure to have those volumes in my hands ... The same thing I did years later with Let'sGo, so I do not miss the material!

Luckily our friend Andrea "Crespone" is slowly translating the volumes of Dash!Yonkuro which deal with the continuation of the story of the Noble Warriors, you can monitor the status of his works by visiting his site, leave him a comment which is always a pleasure!

What's special about Dash!Yonkuro and Let's & Go? I hope to be able to explain all of them in my next articles along with a series of considerations regarding the Street Mini 4WD ^ _ ^

Ciao from Gianfranco!@shinkurostreet

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