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What the Street Mini 4WD is?

"Street Mini 4WD" (Japanese: "ストリートミニ四駆") is a racing sport activity that combines modeling with physical running. The athlete, in this sport, runs and drives a model car called "mini 4WD". The model car is driven using "a guide stick".

The athletes then run alongside their models, controlling them and making them turn left or right using the guide stick.

Born in Italy in 1994 and affiliate CSEN from 2023, Street Mini 4WD is a sport practiced in various countries around the world.

What is a mini 4WD?

La Ray Spear
Il telaio VZ
La Lord Knight

The term "mini 4WD" is used to identify a category of racing model car.

The first mini 4WD in history, the Stomper 4x4, was created by Adolph Goldfarb and produced by the american Schaper in 1980. Subsequently, in 1982, the Japanese company Tamiya marketed its first four-wheel drive model cars: the first series of model cars called "mini 4WD" was born. However, it was with the third series of Tamiya mini 4WDs, the Racing Mini 4WD (1986), that these model cars took on the meaning of racing cars.

The main features that make a model car a mini 4WD are:

You can control the driving of a mini 4WD in two ways:

  • Using the mini 4WD inside a specially made track. A mini 4WD track is made up of an n number of lanes (2, 3 or 5), each lane is delimited by "walls" (also called "sides" or "edges") that allow a mini 4WD to complete a specific route . A mini 4WD is physically "forced" by the wall (during a curve for example) to follow the path of the wall itself;

  • The use of a "guide stick": a long rod made up of a grip area and a "paddle". This tool is very similar to a hockey stick, but is generally much lighter. During its travel the mini 4WD is "diverted" from the corridor via the steering lever, to do this the driver must therefore run behind the mini 4WD and control its movements in real time.

Both possibilities are based on the same principle: the execution of a route by "constraint" through static deviations (the walls of a track) or dynamic ones (the blade of a guide stick).

This wiki is about Street Mini 4WD racing.


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