The roles in a Street Mini 4WD team

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The Street Mini 4WD consists in the sporty use of mini 4WD as a component for the homonymous athletic discipline. Street Mini 4WD is a motorsport that is practiced at its highest levels in organized team events.

In a Street Mini 4WD event it is possible to present race dynamics introduced from 1994 to today (consult the various guides to the races on the appropriate section for further information).

The Street Mini 4WD car features

In Street Mini 4WD the basic features that make a mini 4WD competitive and reliable are 4:

  • Solidity: a car during its run must not break up;
  • Stability: a car must have a certain degree of stability on whatever track it will face. In other words, his movements during his run must be constant, repetitive and predictable;
  • Efficiency: a car during its race must maintain the performance for which it was designed;
  • Maintainability: a car does not have to be complex to manage (speed to complete a setup change, maintenance and repair of a car).

To these main features are added others that define, through their ratio, the "personality" of the car:

  • Top Speed and Acceleration Power;
  • Cornering grip and Agility;
  • Specialization' and Versatility.

Street Mini 4WD roles team


A Street Mini 4WD team includes 4 main roles:

  • top speed racer;
  • tech racer;
  • mixed racer;
  • variable racer.

Top Speed Racer


It is the lead role in a Street Mini 4WD team. It is the expert of the section tracks where long straights and few curves prevail.

The Top Speed racer takes care of the sections where there is a good chance of gaining and / or increasing any advantages over the opposing team, in addition to the so-called "final sprints" in the tracks that end with the long straights.

The physical characteristics of a top speed racer are: the wide stride, the clarity at high speeds that must maintain control while his own car.

The top speed racer owns the fastest car of the team and the one with the most grip in the few changes of direction he will face. It is one of the most specialized cars of the team.

  • Top Speed: 90% / Power: 10%;
  • Cornering grip: 80% / Agility: 20%;
  • Specialization: 70% / Versatility: 30%.

Tech Racer


It is the role to which all the sections with the most complex curves belong. A curve is complex ("technical" in jargon) when its radius is very small, and changes in direction between one curve and another one are not repetitive and predictable. The tech racer must have the ability to change direction very quickly without losing control of the machine. It must therefore be very agile both with the movements of the wrist with which he maneuvers the guide stick, and with his own legs.

The physical characteristics of a tech racer are mainly agility and the ability to manage the agility of his own car.

The tech racer owns the car with the best acceleration power of the team and the one with the greatest agility when changing direction without losing its set-up. This means that the car of a tech racer is the one with the best chance of taking the lead at the start with his starting point. It is one of the most specialized cars of the team.

  • Top Speed: 30% / Power: 70%;
  • Cornering grip: 25% / Agility: 75%;
  • Specialization: 80% / Versatility: 20%.

Mixed Racer


The role of the mixed racer is one of the most tactical of a Street Mini 4WD team: he must be able to tackle at a certain speed tracks with wide radius corners, many times repetitive and straight stretches that are not too demanding. It can also include to a lesser extent technical stretches and fast stretches. The mixed racer has the time to think about numerous aspects of his trait, that is how to gain and maintain an advantage, how to overtake in the best possible way for himself and his car, how to favor his teammates. This racer can in fact give assistance to both the top speed racer and the tech racer, so from an athletic point of view he must have a good stride. An important component in a mixed racer is the shrewdness with which to tackle wide radius curves making the most of the cornering grip of your car. This feature makes him the sharpest driver in a team. He is one of the best candidates to also be the director of his own team, as he must have a broader vision of the entire race he will face with his teammates.

The mixed racer owns a car with a good starting point, with decent versatility, good top speed and agility.

  • Top Speed: 60% / Power: 40%;
  • Cornering grip: 55% / Agility: 45%;
  • Specialization: 50% / Versatility: 50%.

Il variabile


The variable racer role is perhaps the most complex of the 4 roles of a Street Mini 4WD team. This racer must be able to tackle tracks that involve complex, sometimes unexpected situations. This means that it must be able to adapt to countless cases in the best possible way and quickly. The study of the track to be tackled is fundamental and the more you know the criticalities of the variable route, the better you can take advantage of the others.

The physical characteristics of a variable racer are the elasticity of the movements during the race, a certain lucidity - as the variable type strokes are on average longer than the other strokes - and a lot of resistance in the legs. A slender build certainly brings advantages for a variable rider.

The variable racer is another of the best candidates to be the director of the team, as his car is the most versatile of the team and the technical knowledge to manage a car of this kind makes memory and intelligence quite decisive characteristics for a similar role. Furthermore, the other tracks could be considered for the variable racer of the components of his track (technical curves, wide radius curves and straights). The variable racer can therefore potentially face, thanks to the versatility of his car, any other kind of track going to assist all the other members of his team.

So the variable racer has a car with excellent versatility, a decent top speed and good grip.

  • Top Speed: 55% / Power: 45%;
  • Cornering grip: 65% / Agility: 35%;
  • Specialization: 10% / Versatility: 90%.