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13 September 2017

Hello everyone, today we discuss about teams, numbers and much more :-)

The '80 Manga and Anime

The Golion Force, 5 space explorers against the evil, 1981

Once upon a time there was a kid who liked to run and jump. Another one was fascinated by mountain races: he could try to go through steep roads. Some people appreciate running for a short time but at the maximum speed they are capable of. I like being able to go fast in the corners and keep maximum adherence and to be dress with a maximum of three colors (because 3 "is the magic number").

I could go on forever with these stories (and you go to other more pleasant stuff to read ...) . The truth is that each of us is different and is interested in different things. Each of us is unique and it is nice to be able to maintain this individuality.

Japanese anime usually try to tell a story of characters in which viewers can identify with the characters. For this reason the Japanese animation always tries to bring the main characters back to a group of individuals with different characters, usually stereotyped (the Barbie girl dressed in pink, the alpha male dressed in red, the loser with glasses ugly but clever, all bad guys are bad, the Good always wins over the Evil and other fairy tales like marmots that make chocolate ...).

The '80s cult productions have created a sort of standard with their characters: they are almost always five characters with different characteristics that in a group can overcome any difficulty.

The main characters of Dash!Yonkuro

The Dash! Warriors, 5 guys who compete to prove themselves to be the best mini 4WD racers, 1987

Dash! Yonkuro shows the typical 80s cartoon structure, so we have 5 stereotypical characters:

  • the beautiful and fighting girl, with a inclination for sacrifice and in conflict with her being a woman (you know that girls in cartoons in the '80s can only pass nail polish on their nails, not on cars, otherwise they have to give up own life, like Yū Hazuki's mother in "Attacker YOU!"...) ;
  • the shy child who get through his difficulties putting on makeup and revealing an explosive and surprising vitality (Goku before Goku) ;
  • the rich and brilliant guy but supercilious (One of this kind there must always be, what story would be without people like Cygnus no Hyoga from Saint Seyia or Date Seiji from Samurai Troopers?) ;
  • the character with weight problems but with a big heart voted to the sacrifice (perhaps the son of Dragon no Shiryu from Saint Seyia who is grew up with the supercaloric dishes of Shunrei);
  • the captain, an impulsive and irreverent hero (do I really have to describe him?).

So there is something for all tastes (such as the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) .

The U, they have 5 cars specialized for certain kind of tracks

Unlike the manga in which the adventures of the main characters are shown separately and all the events in which they meet each others for the first time, the anime is much more on the concept of group that together is able to overcome difficulties. Sure, we are in the 80s and the figure of the captain-hero is over the other characters. After all, the work takes the name of Yonkuro. Between, in 25 episodes the characters of all the main characters are developed with the development of the events.

What makes Dash! Yonkuro special in the context of Japanese anime are the characters' cars: the mini 4WDs of the Dash! Warriors have unique characteristics too, in order to be suitable for one or another path. The cars of the Dash! Warriors are almost humanized. They possess a well-defined character:

  • Rinko's Dancing Doll is adapts to all situations;
  • Pankuro's Cannonball is superfast and, like its racer, has a powerful secret weapon;
  • Shinkuro' Shooting Star is beautiful, fast and competitive;
  • Tankuro's Burning Sun is a powerful indestructible tank;
  • Yonkuro's Emperor is efficient and built with cutting-edge materials (for the time).

The Samurai team cars

The Dash!Warriors working in groups and driving their cars always overcome any situation. The competitions in which the protagonists participate are in fact championships in which the team competes and the whole anime places great importance on the concept of group and friendship.

When the protagonists far away from the idea of ​​ team group, very big problems are developing: faster opposing cars, other cars which adapt themself better to the races and so on. The Dash! Warriors can only win when they are united.

Even the antagonists of Dash! Yonkuro present themselves in a team group, but they head against the Dash!Warriors only teams in which each element has a precise task and excels in something. The "U" have cars specialized in certain types of tracks, just like the Dash!Warriors. Even the Samurai Team with whom the protagonists are against in the national final have very special mini 4WD and suitable for different situations.

Street Mini 4WD and teams

XIII ° Street Mini 4WD Italian Meeting

What we deduce from Dash!Yonkuro: it is much more fun and educational to race together with other racers helping each other rather than aspire to be the best racer but sadly alone. Working in a team is the best way: each member of a team can address himself to developing different aspects of his car that he appreciates more than others, making himself a unique and indispensable element within his group. In the team you go farther and you reach goals that you are not able to see individually.

Starting from these assumptions the Street Mini 4WD races have developed over the years to promote the concept of team in which each element has well-defined features and without him/her the team can not compete for the victory. The real Street races are therefore a team: developing the ability to work in a group is definitely what makes street racers unique not only among themselves but especially in the world of mini 4WDs.

And who does not have a team? We have a method of our own to decide how to compose a Street Mini 4WD team: thanks to some very specific individual competitions. The individual races are designed to pull off racers capable of composing teams up to the real challenges that the Street Mini 4WD presents to its fans.

But basically how should a kid start running in Street Mini 4WD if he has no friend to deal with? You don't worry: after having taken the guide stick, anyone is able to understand and decide what he would like to do when he becomes a great racer.

We have identified 5 roles team with which you can trim your car, in which to identify and specialize. There are those who want to adapt quickly to everything, those who want to run on straights superfast, others take care of turns, some of jumps and difficult stretches, and those who try to be efficient in the fastest routes. Something must like you! Just take part in one of our Street Mini 4WD meeting and you will find with us your dimension as a Street Mini 4WD racer :-)


Do not be shy and overcome your fears, Tankuro would be proud of you :)

As RuPaul would say, The Queen of exstavaganza makeup:

"You're A Champion, Never Gonna Fall

You're A Champion, Still Standing Tall

You're A Champion, And You'll Always Be A Hero"

Sashay away! ^_^

Gianfranco @shinkurostreet